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about us

“You have to dream about a car first.”


about us

Fulfilling your automotive dreams is our fuel.

For several years we have stood for people who see the automobile as the most beautiful invention. Tailored to the requirements of our customers, friends and enthusiasts, our showroom is equipped with a select inventory of noble and rare vehicles in a variety of shapes and designs, different in their emotion and statement. Extraordinary vehicles, extraordinary stories. Special automobiles for special people. Once dreams that we want to make reality with you.


Talk to us about your wishes.

Ben Frankowski


Detlef “Maverick” Wormstall

Race Instructor

Melanie Wiek


Fred Hoffman



Frequently asked questions about us at Mobilista Motors

How long has Mobilista Motors been around?2022-03-25T10:02:24+00:00

After an initial difficult phase and turbulence, the company was completely reorganized in March 2020. With the founding family and Alexander Sterzer, a new start was dared at the beginning of the pandemic. Serious action, a lot of diligence and great commitment to customers and consignors quickly led to lasting success. Today, Mobilista Motors is financially secure and can already boast of many regular customers.

What was the most valuable vehicle ever sold?2022-03-25T04:20:54+00:00

Ferrari 599SA Aperta. Selling price: Well… definitely 7 digits

What else do we offer?2022-03-25T04:19:52+00:00

One thing is very clear. Conversations at eye level. No fuss, just good gas talk and competent information. We also drive track days. We also have our racing driver trainer Detlef “Maverick” Wormstall for this. We would be happy to organize something like that. With everything included. And good like-minded people who would like to “rac” from time to time.

How many employees does the company have?2022-03-25T04:18:54+00:00

The company consists of 2 people: the owner and the manager.

How is the company financed?2022-03-25T04:17:55+00:00

With a car-loving entrepreneurial family in the background, it was possible to master the bumpy start. Mobilista Motors is now firmly established in the industry on its own two feet and does not need any help.

Is it possible to do an internship/apprenticeship at Mobilista Motors?2022-03-25T04:17:02+00:00

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How to contact us?2022-03-25T04:13:43+00:00

You can reach us at any time via our contact form on the website, by telephone or by e-mail.

Can you visit us at any time?2024-02-07T11:12:43+00:00

Nobody should be denied beautiful vehicles! However, our team is often not in-house or on customer appointments. It is therefore advisable to call in advance to make an appointment.

Can you make a cooperation with us?2022-03-25T04:11:52+00:00

In principle, we are open to cooperation as long as it does not mean that Mobilista Motors has to do it alone.

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