You are one of those people who know what is good.


And we have something good for you and your car.

Unlike the paintings in the museum, your personal work of art is exposed to all possible environmental violations. Annoying insects, dried bird droppings and UV rays permanently damage the condition of your vehicle. Incorrect washing techniques, car washes and materials that are not correctly tailored to your vehicle as well as a lack of know-how can ruin even new vehicles before they are delivered. For us automobile enthusiasts, delivery is the most important and at the same time the nicest part of the vehicle business.

Creating an unforgettable moment characterized by anticipation, excitement and pride is the top priority. The feeling of getting into the new and clean vehicle is one that you can only understand if you have already experienced it. With our professional vehicle preparation, we have set ourselves the goal of offering you the opportunity to experience the delivery of your treasure again without buying a new one through optimal preparation, passion and the experience gained over the years”.


Frequently asked questions about our processing.

How time-consuming is processing?2022-03-24T16:59:40+00:00

This is flexible and depends entirely on the customer’s wishes. A basic rule is also in the preparation “In tranquillitate vis et robur” (in tranquility lies strength). We always give 100%.

can i wait for the car2022-03-24T16:57:14+00:00

If you have enough time, you can of course wait for the vehicle. Otherwise, the Kurpark Bad Oeynhausen is not far away and is always worth a detour.

Do you do the processing yourself?2022-03-24T16:56:06+00:00

The basic work incl. purge, yes. Our trained and highly professional detailer then takes care of the fine work.

Are the costs for processing always the same?2022-03-24T16:55:11+00:00

The prices may vary depending on the processing order and vehicle.

Can I get a rental vehicle during this time?2022-03-25T10:05:08+00:00

Unfortunately, you will have to do this on foot, by bus or by bike, as we do not offer any of our vehicles for hire. However, if you have an important appointment or live further away, one of our employees will drop you off at any time and pick you up again as soon as the vehicle is ready.

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Alexander Sterzer
Executive Partner
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